• I’ve worked with many recruiters over the past 15 years and very few, measure up to the level of professionalism and personal commitment demonstrated by Big 3 Consulting. Big 3 is genuinely interested in building a long term relationship with its clients. They invest the necessary time required to learn their client’s business and then effectively align a strong set of qualified candidates for consideration. As a result, one can expect faster ramp-up times, greater levels of productivity, and higher retention rates associated with sales candidates presented by Big 3 Consulting.

    VP International, Human Capital Management
  • I have worked with Big3 Consulting for over 6 years now. In an industry where there are nearly unlimited recruiters to work with, Big 3 is at the top of my list! They take the time to not only understand the traditional qualifications of the position by job title, but to truly understand the qualifications of my organization. The recruiters at Big 3 strive to understand our very specific hiring process. They understand what combinations of talent, experience, and culture that are the best fit for our positions and our organization so that we can hire employees that will be here for the long term!

    Customer Experience VP & General Manager, Americas
  • I have worked with Big 3 Consulting for nearly 8 years. Big 3 has been instrumental in helping me build my sales organization and has always provided me with quality candidates. The recruiters at Big 3 are highly professional, incredibly responsive and clearly understand my company’s culture and objectives.

    Digital Marketing Sales Vice President
  • I have worked with Big 3 Consulting for nearly 10 years. They are highly professional, incredibly responsive and provide me with outstanding candidates. They are easy to work with and clearly understand my company’s culture and objectives. Their sense of urgency and ability to find top quality candidates is bar none the best in the business!

    Mobile and Web Applications General Manager of the Americas
  • I have worked with Big 3 Consulting since 2003 and they are consistently honest, ethical, and a pleasure to work with. Whether helping me find a new position, or recruiting high level professional sales candidates for my teams, Big 3 takes the time to understand my needs and then provides me with viable options to fulfill those needs. The recruiters at Big 3 never waste my time and always exceed expectations.

    Digital Marketing Sales Vice President
  • The staff at Big 3 Consulting are the epitome of integrity and professionalism. I have trusted Big 3 for many years to provide qualified candidates. The have also helped place me into a position that provided growth & upward mobility at a critical point in my career. Big 3 takes the time to understand their clients, their culture, and their objectives, and, a result, they consistently produces outstanding candidates. Big 3 Consulting has few peers, if any, that can match their level of performance and value.

    Mobile Marketing Sales Vice President
  • I was given an opportunity as a relatively new manager to build a team of Pre-Sales System Engineers and had very little experience in doing so. As I began to reach out for help I ran across a large variety of styles, most of which were very time consuming and unqualified. Someone connected me to Big 3 Consulting and I instantly realized what a true professionals in that field are supposed to be like. The recruiters at Big 3 are very attentive, make a genuine effort to understand your needs and provide candidates that really fit that need. I would not hesitate to partner with Big 3 Consulting from a personal job hunt to building out an entire team of professionals again in the future.

    Business Intelligence Western Area Pre-Sales Technical manager
  • I enlisted Big 3 Consulting’s recruiting services to help build a highly skilled sales consulting team. The recruiters at Big 3 clearly understood the job requirements as well the financial and geographic parameters that I was working within. They consistently presented quality candidates and played a proactive role in helping me prioritize down to 2-3 excellent choices. Unlike some recruiting professionals who simply want to place candidates, I always felt like Big 3 was looking after my best interest as a manager and the interest of my company to ensure the best possible match. I would highly recommend enlisting Big 3 Consulting’s services.

    eCommerce Sales Consulting Director
  • I have been working with Big 3 Consulting for several years now. Big 3 placed me at a very rewarding position and has always kept me up to date on industry information. Their understanding of what a sales executive is seeking always comes first. If it is not a fit, they do not suggest the position. They stand out because they meet clients and the people they place where they can understand them best (shows, training, etc.). Big 3 knows how to negotiate for the best overall package and is honest if they cannot get it done. Big 3 Consulting is trustworthy and has a high level of confidentiality. I would hire Big 3 to seek people in my current position as well as look to them if I were seeking another!

    Retail Supply Chain Software Sales Executive